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Why You Should Consider a Retainer for Video Production

Our video production retainers are perfect for companies that need continual professional video production services.

What is a Video Retainer?

A video retainer is an agreement between your business and us that allows you access to predetermined hours or a predetermined number of videos at a discounted rate. A video retainer gives you first rights to our wide range of professional creative services as you need it. This can either be done by a set number of hours with access to multiple services such as graphic design, marketing, animation, etc or can be for a pre-determined amount of projects.

Aside from a discounted rate, there are several other benefits to a retainer. Save time and develop better content by working with a production company that already understands your brand and core values.  Understanding a Brand’s core values, ideals, products, target demographics, etc can take a lot of time to ingest on a level that is imperative to successful video campaigns. So working with the same team each time helps to maximize this symbiotic relationship allowing more focus on the goals of the video rather than educating everyone on what is trying to be accomplished.   This can also include having priority access, which can be great for scheduling productions quickly. This is especially helpful in some markets where trends change quickly or sales managers and CEOs need to get pertinent information out quickly.